Woman Fakes An Injury To Get Close To A Terrified Dog (13 pics)

Amanda Guarascio heard about a lost dog at Evans Creek, so she got together with a friend to try and rescue it. They said that people had been tossing food at the dog for months trying to feed it but no one could get close to him, until now.

The dog nicknamed "Baby Bear" was skin and bones. 
When Amanda Guarascio heard about a lost dog at Evans Creek, she and her friend Dylan Parkinson decided to help. She said off-roaders had been tossing the starving dog food for months but nobody could get close to him. They drove up to the site, which is on the way to Mount Rainier and were surprised to see the dog there. 
Amanda curled up on the gravel road right by the pup with her back to him. He growled a little bit, but eventually got close enough to smell her. 
She laid in the road for about 20 minutes before he lost interest and wandered off.

She got down on the ground with her back to the pup and slowly started crawling backwards towards him.
Once he started to get uncomfortable, she curled up in a ball and stopped moving. The next hour was spent slowly inching closer and closer to Bear.

Finally, she got right up next to Bear. He growled a little bit, so she started whimpering and yawning, and continued to slowly get closer and closer until she was rested up against him

She made sure not to try to grab him at any point because she didn’t want to lose his trust.

They had to run home but when they got back up the mountain they saw Bear lying right where she had last laid with him.

Amanda says "This was the point in which he decided he never wanted to walk again. From 9 pm on I had to carry him everywhere! I had to pick him up and put him in the truck and then we snuggled together until we got to the vet.

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