19 Images That Prove Kids Are The Worst At Everything

Kids are nasty, so nasty, in fact, that it grosses other kids out too. That says a LOT because kids can eat cat poop and not get grossed out. Not only are kids absolutely disgusting but they suck at life. Seriously. I get that their hand-eye coordination is still developing and their motor skills are still improving but damn, they’re just miniature drunk adults without the booze.
Need more proof? Here are 19 other kids who fail at everything:
2. This guy’s son at his first Pumpkin Patch.
Go to the Pumpkin Patch they said, it’d be fun they said. Sorry, kid.
3. This kid’s going places…probably not college, but places.
4. This kid is exactly like you at a 24 hour McDonald’s after the bar.
5. This kid is you trying on your summer clothes after a winter of hibernation.

6. This kid slowly but surely puts himself in the most awkward position ever.
Don't worry kid, life will eventually do that for you.
Don’t worry kid, life will eventually do that for you.
7. This kid can’t even do nap time right.
8. This little girl’s dad was teaching her physics…don’t worry kid, that’s how I feel about physics too.
9. This is one grown ass kid yet he still somehow got his head stuck in a chair AND insists on still sucking on his lollipop.
10. This kid who thinks the cat will move if walked into. Well, lesson learned: cats don’t move for nobody
11. Oh sweet child that isn’t mine.
12. Let’s hope this kid doesn’t become a professional hide and seeker.
13. Whoever told this kid to shoot for the stars needs to tell him to calm down with his BIG dreams and life goals.

14. This kid will make a great politician.
15. This kid and that other hide and seek fail kid should become bffs.
16. This kid whose parents sleep with one eye open.
17. This baby who can’t even spoon.
18. This toddler who is completely unreliable to do any sort of chores in the house. Like, why else would you have kids if it weren’t for the free labor?
19. And last, but not least, this genius.
(via diply)

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