20 Most Terrifying Foods From Around The World

Why would you eat that?

1. Fermented Basking Shark (Hakarl) - Iceland

Credits: Wikimedia

2. Monkey Brains - Africa and Asia

Credits: Distractify

3. Sannakji (Live Octopus) - South Korea

Credits: Imgur

4. Baby Mice Wine - China and Korea

Credits: Giorna Lettismo

5. Wasp Crackers - Japan

Credits: Lo State Minor

6. Eskimo Ice Cream (Reindeer fat, seal oil, berries, and ground fish) - Alaska

Credits: Blogspot

7. Beondegi (Boiled Silkworm) - Korea

8. Deep Fried Tarantula - Cambodia

Credits: I Reporters TV

9. Escargots (Cooked land snails) - France

Credits: The Dish

10. Fruit Bat Soup - Asia

Credits: Pinterest

11. Tuna Eyeballs - Japan

Credits: Youtube

12. Mopane Worms - Africa

Credits: Wikimedia

13. Termites (Live or fried) - Kenya

Credits: Static Flickr

14. Raw Blood Soup (Goose, duck, and pig blood with herbs and peanuts) - Vietnam

15. Dried Stink Bugs - Africa

Credits: Wikimedia

16. Snake Wine - Asia

Credits: I Scream Sundae

17. Fried Centipedes - China

Credits: Daily Star

18. Dung Beetles - India

Credits: E List Mania

19. Roasted Mosquito Eggs - Mexico

Credits: Imgur

20. Haggis (Sheep’s stomach stuffed with sheep’s heart, liver, lungs, onion, oatmeal, and spices) - Scotland

Credits: Telegraph
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