Celebrity Children Who Are Little Versions of Their Famous Parents (21 pics)

You can definitely see the similarities between these kids and their celebrity parents.

 Cindy Crawford and Kaia
Meryl Streep and Mamie

Will Smith and Jaden

Ron Howard and Bryce

Julianne Moore and Liv

Katie Holmes and Suri

Bette Midler and Sophie

Reese Witherspoon and Ava

Clint Eastwood and Scott

David Beckham and Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz

Donna Karan and Gaby
Teresa Giudice and Gia

Tina Fey and Alice

Jerry Stiller and Ben

Madonna and Lourdes

Tom Hanks and Colin

Goldie Hawn and Kate

Heather Locklear and Ava

Alan Thicke and Robin

Uma Thurman and Maya

Christie Brinkley and Sailor

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